5 Reasons Why You Should Learn English

Hello Friends today i am going to share 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn English. There are wide range of reasons that can be considered – 


#1. Learning English Can be fun 

For many people, especially students, it isn’t so much fun. However, That’s just a problem of how they learn English. Take time to have fun learning English by listening to music, watching movies, challenging yourself to games in English.

There are so many chances to learn English while having a lot of fun. There’s no reason not to live it up, even if you have to learn grammar rules.

#2. English will help you succeed in your career 

This is obvious to anyone who lives in this modern world.Now a days Employers want their employees to speak English. This may not be fair, but this is the actuality. Learning English to take a test such as the IELTS or TOEIC will give you a qualification that others might not have, and that might help you get the job you need.

#3. English is the world language

Yea ! You are thinking right  Chinese is the language that speaks more people in the world, more nations have Spanish as their mother tongue, but in realistically English is the language of choice throughout the world today.

#4. English will help you to communicate in any situation

As I said above English is the world language, Chances are more that someone will speak english no matter where you are. Lets imagine that you are on world tour, You will meet different people from different countries with different languages which language will you speak to communicate with theme? probably English.

#5. English opens up international communications

You are on the internet right now. I am from India and writing articles about importances of learning English. We are probably living in two different Countries, Places and we have been brought up in different cultures. We all know the world needs more love and understanding. There is no better way to improve the world than to communicate in English with those from other cultures.


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