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Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Exam 2015 1st August Afternoon Shift

In our previous post we have shared Questions asked in RBI Assistant Exam 2015 1st August Morning ShiftNow let’s talk about afternoon shift. As we all know RBI will conduct the exam for 4 days in two shifts- morning shift and evening shift. As per the feedback we received from aspirants who have written the RBI exam on 1st August, 2015 the expected cut off would be around in between 140 to 160. The final cut off will be declared by RBI after the declaration of final result.questions asked in rbi assistant exam 2015

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We are here sharing some questions asked in RBI Assistant Exam 2015 1st August in Afternoon shift that we have received from the aspirants who have taken the exam in the second shift-

1. One Million Byte is equal to – 1 MB

2. The extension of MS Word File – .Doc (dot doc)

3. Doc file is the extension of – Micro Soft Word file

4. International Maritime Headquarter is situated in – London

5.  What is the Currency of Estonia – Euro

6. Command CTRL + C is used for  – Copy the Text

7. service tax rate 14% is applicable from – 1st June 2015

8. Dispur, a locality of Guwahati, became the capital of – Assam

9. We use __  to Select Paragraph using mouse  – Double Click

10. The smallest unit of memory among the following is – KB (the sequence is Bit>Byte>KB>MB>GB>TB etc.)

11. What is the capital of Bhutan – Thimphu

12. Who is the Union Health Minister of India – Jagat Prakash Nadda

13. New Development Bank headquarter is situated in– Shanghai, China

14. Bradley James Haddin is associated with which sport? – Cricket

15. Among the following which is a browser – Internet Explorer

16.  The famous pilgrimage, Kamakhya temple situated in? – Assam 

17. The author of ‘Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years’  book is? – A. S. Dulat

18. Where is the Headquarter  of Asian Development Bank – Manila, Philippines

20. Ceat Indian Cricketer of the Year – Ajinkya Rahane (This was also asked in SBI Mains 2015, held Few days ago)

21. Harinder Pal is related with which sports – Squash

22. What is the Full Form of COBOL – Common Business Oriented Language

23. The Tourism day is on – 27th September

24. In which country Daily Mirror News Paper is being published – UK 

25. What is the Full Form OF HTTPs? – Hypertext Transfer Protocol

26. Vienna became the capital of ? – Austria

27. The Function key F12 is used in Ms word to – Save As

28. KSE- 100 is stand for? – Karachi Stock Exchange 100

29. Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary  (a wildlife sanctuary) located in Gaya district of  – Bihar

30. Longest dam of India is – Hira Kund

31. Which day is commemorated on 29th July ? – World Tiger Day

32. Minimum age for joining Atal Pension Yojana is 18 years and maximum age is – 40 years

33. Which is the Biggest life insurer in India – Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

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These questions are from banking, Computer and GK sections. We will update more Questions asked in RBI Assistant Exam 2015 1st August from other sections when we will receive more from aspirants who have sit in RBI Assistant Exam 2015.

If you have sit and taken the RBI Assistant exam 2015 in any of the shift (morning or afternoon), you can leave more questions in comment box so it will help others.

Thank you.


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