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Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Exam 6th September 2015 – Afternoon Shift

Hello my fellow friends! as we all know IBPS has started conducting online exam for IBPS RRB officer scale 1. IBPS RRB is one of the most awaiting exam for banking aspirants. Lakhs of students is going appear this year. ibps rrb exam questions asked 6 september 2015

As we already have shared questions asked in today morning shift exam. Now the evening shift exam has over. So we are going to share Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Exam 6th September 2015 – Afternoon Shift. These questions were asked in GA-GK sections. So lets start with questions.

Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Exam 6th September 2015 – Afternoon Shift –

  • Who is Mauritus president – Ameenah Gurib
  • International Girl Child Day is celebrated on – 11 October 
  • Michael Clark is related to –  Cricket, Australia 
  • Which Country’s currency is Ringgit – Malaysia
  • What is the Capital of Seychelles – Victoria
  • Nanda Devi hill is located at – Uttarakhand, India
  • Which country’s currency is Ngultrum – Bhutan
  • Who is minister of Steel – Narendra Singh Tomar
  • Deepa karmarkar is associated to which sports – Gymnast
  • Which City topped in Swachh Bharat Rankings –  Mysuru
  • OECD Headquarter is located at – Paris, France
  • Which Scheme launched by pm on 14 oct 2014 –
  • Who is the First female speaker of Lok Sabha – Meira kumar
  • What is Deposit Mode of payment in PMSBY – Auto-debited by the bank from the subscribers account.
  • On Which river Ukai Dam is located  – Tapti River
  • PMSBY amount cover for Partially physically handicapped – 1 Lakh INR

more questions soon..

Please do share more questions if you sit in today’s evening shift exam.

We are sharing these questions that we have received from those students who sit in afternoon shift of today’s RRB exam.

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