How to solve problems on Ages with Short tricks

Problems on ages plays an important role and are often asked in quant section of exams like banking, ssc, upsc etc.

In general when you ask someone’s age, you may probably get different answer including true age, false age and some standard age for example- Rahul Gandhi is of 40 from last few years : ).

And may be of them answer you their age indirectly by relating their age with his family member or with friends by asking you for guess of his/him age.problems on ages shortcut

In generally we ignore such people and don’t dare to ask again such questions. But in the exam we don’t have choice. We will have to find out the exact age.

So In this article I will teach you how to solve questions based on ages with example so you people get the idea or concept.

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So first let’s start with some basic concepts for solving problems on age–

Basic Concept for problems on ages :

#1. If the present age of ‘A’ is ‘x’ years, then

‘n’ years ago => Age of ‘A’ was (x-n) years.

‘n’ years after => Age of ‘A’ will be (x+n) years.

#2. In general, at the starting of the solution we have to assume the present age of one person. It is better to assume the present age = ‘x’ years.

#3. So I advise you to assume the age of the younger person = ‘x’ years.

#4. If the present age ‘A’ and ‘B’ are ‘x’ and ‘y’ years respectively, then

‘n’ years ago => Age of ‘A’ and ‘B’ were (x-n) and (y-n) years respectively.

‘n’ years after => Age of ‘A’ and ‘B’ will be (x+n) and (y+n) years respectively.

#5. The age difference between you and your friend is let’s suppose 6 years. And after 10 or 15 years this will be same, because clock will run equally for both of you. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say. : )

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Q 1. Lina got married 8 years ago. Today her age is 9/7 time her age at the time of her marriage. At present her daughter’s age is 1/6 of her age. What was her daughter’s age 3 years ago?     (PNB MT 2009)


Let’s assume present age of Lina = x yrs.

Hence,  x = (x-8) * 9/7 => x=36 years.

So present age of daughter = 1/6 * 36 => 6 years.

3 years age of daughter = 6-3 = 3 years.

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Q 2. The age of Rahul and Amit are in the ratio of 8:7. After 10 years the ratio of their ages will be 13:12. What is the difference in years between their ages?                             (UBI PO 2008)


Lets assume the present age of Rahul and Amit = 8x and 7x

After 10 years,

(8x+10)/(7x+10) = 13/12

We get x=2 years.

So difference in age 8x – 7x = 16 – 14 = 2 years.

Shortcut: We can use the below formula to find out value of ‘x’.

problems on ages short trick

Here new ratio difference = 13-12 = 1 and added number = 10 (years)

Cross multiplication difference = 96 – 91 = 5

X = (1 * 10)/5 = 2 years. : )

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Q 3. The ratio between the ages of Prahlad and Ramavtar is 3:5 and difference between their ages after 4 years will be 10 years. What is the present age of Prahlad?


Generally people starts assuming the present age as x and then adding +4 to get ages after 4 years and later solve it by making equations. But do you know that will consume a lot of you time and we all know time is the key to crack any exam.

So here by basic concept no. 5, as the age difference between you and your friend is let’s suppose 6 years. And after 10 or 15 years this will be same as 6 years.

Hence the ration of their ages is 3:5

It mean actual age will be 3x and 5x.

Now the difference between their age will be 3x-5x = 10 (given)

So we get x = 5 years.

Age of Prahlad = 3x = 3 * 5 = 15 years.

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Q 4. Ganesh is 24 years younger than his Father Bholenath. 3 years ago, Ganesh was 1/5 as old as his father was. What is Ganesh’s present age?


As per given 10 years, ratio between their age was Ganesh : Bholenath = 1x : 5x

Now Ganesh is 24 years younger than his father. It means their age difference will be 24 years.

Hence, 5x -1x = 24 years. => x= 6 years.

This age was 3 years ago so today Ganesh’s age will be 6 + 3 = 9 years.

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Q 5. The total age of Ram and Shyam is 10 years more than that of total age of Shyam and Mohan. Mohan is how many years younger than Ram? (NABARD 2010)


R + S = S + M +10 => R = M + 10  => M = R -10

Hence Mohan is 10 years younger than Ram.

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We have mentioned many steps here to make it easy but in the exam you will have to make such calculation Mindy. That’s it.

Feel free to get in touch in case of any doubts. “Good Luck”

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  • Six year ago father age is 6 time than his sun . But after 8 years reduces to double find their present ages

    • Hello Maqsood,
      Great question though! There can be a numbers of types questions can be formed based on ages.

      However the question you asked is this type of question –

      Q. ‘T1’ years earlier, the age of the father was ‘X’ times of the age of his son. ‘T2’ years hence, the age of father became ‘Y’ times o the age of his son. What are the present age of the father and son?

      Answer. we can solve this type of question by the simple formula (Father’s age can be calculated by son’s age)-

      Son’s age = { T1(X-1) + T2(Y-1) } / (X-Y)

      So, the answer of your question will be like this –

      Son’s age = { 6*(6-1) + 8*(2-1) } / (6-2)
      = 9.5 years.

      Father’s age = This can be calculated by equation from given data –
      => (F’s Present age – 6) = 6 * (Son’s Present age)
      => F’s present age – 6 = 6 * 9.5
      => Father’s present age = 63 years.

      Note : Try to reduce tiny steps, try to make calculation mindly to save time.

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