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Most Quick Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed

Getting noticed a resume by employers can be a challenge. There are a few simple changes you can make to move your resume beyond the applicant tracking systems (ATS) from the crowd of resumes when a real person reviews it.


#1. Keep it simple :

A simple format of resume is easier for the Tracking System to short it and easy to read for recruiters. If you are a fancy lover or in a design field, you can save the fancy formatting resume for your portfolio.

#2. Use a basic font :

Use Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri font as they are the best font to use. Make sure the font size you use is readable, 10 to 12 points font size works best. Use bold and italics to highlight job titles and employers.

#3. Use bullets :

Use bullets to indicates important points in your resume. Use brief action-oriented sentences that describe your role at each employer.

#4. Make sure you meet the qualifications :

The qualifications for being considered for the job are generally mentioned in the job advertisement. Make sure you have at least the minimum required qualifications for apply for the job. Otherwise, you are wasting everyone’s time, including your own.

#5. Focus on your accomplishments :

You should focus on your achievements. Your new employer wants to know what you achieved, not just what you did. Focus your resume on what you achieved in each job, not your job responsibilities.

#6. Add a Skills Section :

Adding a skills section to your resume is another good way to show that you’re qualified candidate.

#7. Forget your old jobs :

You don’t need to include all your work experience on your resume. Your resume is a synopsis of your employment history, not your life story.

#8. Add a headline or profile :

Adding a brief eye-catching headline is a great way to get the reader’s attention. Be sure that it focuses on what you can offer the employer, not on what you want from a job.

#9Check for typos :

Errors in the resume matter, and don’t think a spelling or grammatical error won’t effect. So you should Check the typing mistakes as well as grammatically mistakes.

#10. Give it a name :

Don’t call your resume as “resume”, you should give it one or two seconds to give it a name like YourNameResume.doc. It is a way  to recognize as your resume to recruiters and HR.


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