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Civil Service Exam : Best Books For IAS Exam

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them – Anonymous”

Choosing of valuable books for civil service exam is very difficult for the aspirants as there are a number of books are available in the market for the same subject by different Authors. There may be different books may have different preparation strategy. You can’t predict the types, level of the question to be asked in the exam, even no one can. Choosing of valuable books and deep study is more important for success.

Dr. Roman Saini (18th Rank Holder in CSE-2013) recommended the following books on his Unacademy

#Best Books for Civil Service :

# Divide Syllabus In Small Parts :

For civil service exam you have to study a lot and will have to deep knowledge about syllabus. So it is very difficult task to study the whole syllabus at once, if you do that you will definitely get bored after few moths or may be few weeks. So to avoid all these laziness, syllabus fever divide the syllabus in small part or you may say tasks. Now start preparing by taking one task at one time and start next task after previous completed. By using these tips you can cover the whole syllabus in short time and it will make you the master of the subject.

Remember, There is no short cut of success. You will have to work hard to get success.

#Have a Look on Previous Years Question Paper :

It is very important to understand the pattern of the question paper, We strongly recommended you to have a look on the previous years question papers. You can download the last years question papers from UPSC’s official website and try to solve them in time this will boost your preparation on next level.

Download IAS Previous Years Question Papers Here

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