CBSE Exam Strategy

Strategies to get the best results in CBSE board exams

Almost every student wants to score good marks in board examination, as the marks scored in board examination helps a student to get a better college and a better opportunity for his/her future. 

cbse board exam

As these strategies will help a student to get good result CBSE Board exam.

Study Regularly: Never assume that the board exam is important and the summative assessment are not if you study regularly for your summative examinations, you will develop a good habit of studying, and all your basics and most of the chapters will get completed before the final examination.

Stick to your book: Don’t follow multiple books for a single subject, I have seen many students running behind the big heavyweight reference books instead of reading the NCERT book. Solve every question of NCERT books because the questions are framed using the syllabus books only.

Solve Sample Papers: After completing your NCERT textbook try solving the sample papers as much as you can, this will help you to examine yourself.

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Previous Year Questions: After solving the sample papers try to solve previous year’s questions, as this will make you aware, what kind of questions are being asked.

Weak Points: After solving those previous year’s question papers and sample papers you will get to know your weak points and strong points, that where you have to put extra effort and time to improve. Look at your answer sheet and try debugging those errors. Ask a question to yourself “Will I repeat these mistakes in board exams too?”

No, start reading those chapters from the very beginning and clear your basics first.

Time management: Time is very much important in board exam because most of the students fail to attempt all the questions, so try solving the previous year questions and sample papers in 3 hours.

TimeTable: Make a time table and assign more time to those subjects, in which you feel you are weak or you need to give extra effort.

English and Hindi: Don’t underestimate these two subjects, because CBSE class 10 result and CBSE class 12 result depends on these two subjects, as these are the two subjects where you have to give less effort to get more marks.

Writing: Since you have to write a lot during the examination, it is very much important to keep a uniform speed of writing.

Take care of your body and mind: Exercising, playing and meditating etc keeps your mind and physique healthy. Eat healthy foods avoid junk foods as these may harm you, and you can be ill during the exams.

Don’t leave the exam hall early: Revise the whole answer sheet so that you can correct any silly mistakes that can reduce your marks.

Start preparing for your board exams as early as possible, starting early preparation will give you ample amount of time to revise before your final examination. Don’t study for the whole day, go outside and play with your friends as this will keep you refreshed and healthy.

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